Handmade Rustic Harvest Table and ConsoleDesign

At Wye Creek Woodworks, we understand the best way to envision your new furniture is to see it in a picture. That’s why we create 3D renderings of your specific design before its made. Through this process, we can create the perfect size, style and colouring for your future piece.



Once thconstruct1e design is set, we begin tconstruct2he work. We select the materials and joinery  according to our experience and your preferences. Our process focuses on exposing the beauty of the material using tried and true woodworking techniques. Often customers like to see the progress of their build, and we are happy to send pictures of the build as progress is made.




coloursamplesChoosing from the myriad of finishing options can be daunting. Highly distressed or glass-smooth? Varnish, lacquer or light oil finish? Stain, paint or melamine? Each of these choices usually involves trade-offs between   durability and exposing the grain in the wood.

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